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African Skate Project 

In 2022 the Ubuntu Skate School started the first Skate Project in Zanzibar - Tanzania, teaching kids and grown-ups inline & roller skating.

We brought a lot of skates and protective gear with us and gave a lot of people the opportunity to learn that wonderful sport.

It was amazing to share the joy of skating and to see how much fun it was for everyone trying out something so unique and different. Most children and people in Zanzibar have never seen a roller skate before, and they were just fascinated by it.

It was a very special experience, especially because through the "Zanzi Skate Club" we brought kids from various backgrounds and countries together. They learned so much from each other and became friends, while skating and playing together.

In the end, it doesn't even matter, whether we get together via skating (although it's a lot of fun) or any other activity, being able to experience happiness and joy together, creating an atmosphere of respect for each other and becoming a community is worth doing more of it.

If you or your company are interested in supporting the "Zanzi Skate Club" or becoming a sponsor, please reach out and connect with us, we are grateful for any support.

Let's skate some more together!

Here you can learn more about their organisation.

Skate Time with
"More Africa"

 Skating with the special needs kids of "More Africa" was truly special.

They are so lovely to be with and

to learn from.


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